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What is your model for online learning experience?

Personal attention to students, interactive sessions, personal assignments, group learning are few of our best practices that we employ in our pedagogy. The maximum number of students in a batch at KCShiksha is not more than 15. The class teachers known as Pradhan Acharyas and mataji's, the Pracharya or the Principal and the Management team ensures all round support to the parents and the students. Our personal mentoship program is most unique to groom and carefully guide the students from one step to another.

How many students will be in an online class

Number of students per batch is a maximum of 15.

Do you offer any type of recognized certification?

Certification for each year shall be jointly by Centre for Traditional Education and Gauranga Gurukulam upto 5th standard. We also offer an option of NIOS certification (Open Basic Education A, B, C levels, i.e., 3rd stand, 5th std and ) in association with Arivu institute from Mysore. For the 8th grade, 10th grade and the certification will be through NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling). However, the board examination will be only in 10th. Others will be internal examination with assesment.

Can you explain more about 10th certification?

Under NIOS scheme, eligibility for 10th grade admission and examination is completion of age 14. We offer exclusive training from age 12 to 14 to children so that they can complete the 10th certification from NIOS with an examination centre near to your location.

What are the timings for the sessions?

Certification for each year shall be jointly by Centre for Traditional Education

The timings depends upon the age of the students. For Kaumara I, the timings are 1 hour between 9AM – 10AM and 10AM – 11AM. For Kaumara II, it is from 10AM to 11:30 AM. For Pauganda A,B and C batches, it is from 10 AM to 12 PM. For others it is from 9:15AM to 1PM. After every class there will be a break of 10 min and lunch break will be for one hour. On certain days Mridanga/ Kartal/ Flute, etc classes are conducted at 2:30PM IST.

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