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What is homeschooling?
What role can KCShiksha play in homeschooling my child?

Homeschooling is a broad term used to denote alternative schooling systems, especially the one where a child does not attend a regular conventional brick & mortar school for 3 to 6 hours a day. Rather, homeschooling is to pick and choose the courses and the parents take the responsibility of the education of their child. KCShiksha is offering structured school and after-school programs to help and support homeschooling parents. We will be your perfect partner when it comes to homeschooling needs. Check the webpages and interact with us for more details.

I am concerned about screen time. Children will be exposed to mobile or computer screen for a long time with online sessions. What is right?

Your concern is well-placed. Screen time is to be highly monitored and controlled by parents. Especially for kids below age 5 it is more crucial. We strongly recommend that parents should be monitoring closely the access, the use, the duration and the purpose for use of screen. This discrimination and cautious supervision is utmost expected from the parents. We address this issue in much more detail in our Orientation Program for the parents.

What is your system of evaluation at KCShiksha? Do you choose the faculty at KCShiksha?

At KCShiksha we evaluate in three ways:

1. Teacher-student evaluation

2. Student – parent/ gaurdian evaluation

3. Self evaluation

How will my child strike relationship with the teacher and other students online?

We will be pleasantly surprised that children do adopt to the online environment much faster than we think. They do strike relationships with the teachers as well as other students quickly. At KCShiksha, we have KCShiskha Clubs such as Kirtan clubs, Goseva club, Role-play clubs, etc to ensure that such relationships are struck. Please check out the page on Structured school.

Will my child be able to earn livelihood and live with KCShiksha education system?

At KCShiksha, apart from training & ensuring that they obtain 10th certification, we train students in various life-skills and arts. Most importantly Krsna consciousness training will ensure that they understand the goal and purpose of life. This will certainly make them confident and prepared to live life.

Our ancient Gurukul and Vedic Education were free. Only guru dakshina were taken. Why then so much fees for KC school?

Without wanting to turn this into a debate, we would like to make few submissions.

1. Dakshina is a must. Without dakshina, “adakshinam yajnam tamasam” education, which is a yajna, is not fruitful.

2. Dakshina is decided by the Guru. “acarayaya priyam dhamaahrtya”. But sastra indicates that the Guru should not hanker for it nor should ask for adharma or unrighteous activities.

3. A brahmana’s service is to carry on the duty of teaching. Accepting a student, making them qualified, and then taking Dakshina from them is prescribed duty.

However, for their ongoing expenditures, donations would come forth from the community and also the state (King/administrators, etc).

A brahmana does not worry about it and students also live menially.

However, the conflict with the present situation is to constantly seek donations to run the operating costs such as equipment, App, softwares, websites, etc., apart from the dakshina to the teachers to maintain their basic needs.

If we do not have the present system, we shall have to maintain a separate department to seek donations and all the time look for prospective donors and treat everyone as a prospective donor. Most of the temples have a separate fundraising team/department.

If we do that, then we will be distracted from our primary focus of teaching.

4. Traditionally, dakshina is always asked by the Guru, at the end of the education. Not upfront. But, also in tradition, an upfront offering is given to start the education of the child.

*It should be noted that education is invaluable.* No amount of dakshina can actually fulfill the Krsna consciousness that is imparted by a teacher.

The lakshmi that is collected, is to meet the operating costs and not for profit.

5. The dakshina that we are seeking is true to the needs and not exaggerated. Kindly note that we admit not more than 15 students in a class to maintain personal attention.

6. If you want to seek a scholarship, you may kindly contact us and apply for it.

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