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Compulsory Subjects


Vedic mathematics for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Profit & Loss, ratios, Measurements, etc.

Life Skills

Soft-skills such as communication skills, time management, conflict resolution, planning, project management, Basic graphic designing skills, etc.

30 Qualities for
Civilzed Human Beings

Just by acquiring these 30 qualities. The Supreme Personality of Godhead becomes pleased and hence, in turn, we too become pleased.

Reading & Writing
(Samskrta & English)

Reading, Writing and Public Speaking.


Bhagavad-gita, Srimad Bhagavatam, Mahabharata, Valimiki Ramayana.

Samskrta Sambhashana (Spoken Samskrta)

Samskrta Sambhashana using Samskrta Bharati materials.

64 Arts

Gitam, Vadyam, Nrtyam, Alekhyam, Visheshaka-chedyam, etc.

Cow Protection

Association and service of Gomata, Behaviour with cows, feeding, cleaning, caressing, Health care, Timeless stories of Gomata.


Different types of soil, different types of seeds, seed storage, seed treatment, preparation of the soil, sowing, organic fertilizers, caring for the plants, insects predators and pests, organic agriculture, harvesting, post harvest storage, etc.

Students Corner


Role-play is a very important form of learning. In fact, the make-believe play never goes off in one way!


Fine arts including Warli arts, Pichwai, Mandala, Pattachitra and Madhubani


Authors are made young! Writing and discussing for Krsna is an important engagement. Pen can be mightier than the sword!


The enthusiasm in Deity worship lies in encouraging each other on how wonderfully they have decorated and served Krsna today! Krsna says – “sarvesam mad upasanam” – everyone must worship Me in the form of Deities. This club is all about this!


Kali yuga’s most important prescribed dharma is to chant and spread chanting! Kirtan eans – sankirtan of chanting together. Krsna is there where sankirtana happens. This club is all about this!


Goseva or serving mother cow (cow, bull, calves) is what Krsna Himself did and eternally does so in Goloka Vrindavan! In His footsteps, this club will closely encourage each other!


I was looking for a holistic education for my daughter from a long time and KCShiksha really fills that! My daughter is so very happy learning varieties of arts and also academics! She loves every bit of KCShiskha! Thank you so much!


Mumbai,Pauganda A

The teachers are well prepared, dedicated and put so much effort into teaching! My son just loves the teachers! My homeschooling has become so blissful with KCShiskha!

Jaswant Bourshetty

Australia,Pauganda B

We are so happy to shift our child from a CBSE school to KCShiksha! Now my son is enjoying every bit of Krsna conscious learning and every day eagerly looks forward to attending the classes!

Kapil Solanki, Mumbai

Parent,Pauganda C

The staff is so cooperative that initially whenever we faced difficulty in attending the online classes at KCShiksha, we were immediately guided and helped in all ways. I am very grateful to KCShiksha to help us educate our child seamlessly!


Udupi,Kaumara II

The show must go on! KCShiksha is saving the children by providing the devotee association. All the teachers and fellow students too are devotees! This way the devotional atmosphere is created and encouraged to progress in devotional service. Cannot thank KCShiksha enough!

Krishna Dasa, Melbourne, Australia

Parent, Pauganda A

KCShiksha is an online school with Krishna conscious teachers and students. I'm closely associated with this for almost a year and recommend this for parents who want to give their children a Krishna conscious education combining CBSE academics with Krishna conscious environment, philosophy and arts

Tarini Radha Mataji

Chennai,Teacher & Parent

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