Life Skills


KCShiksha Essential Life Skills

Many of the Life-skills are already covered in the 64 Arts. Kindly check 64 Arts page. The following list is related to some of the skill sets that although can be classified under the 64 arts itself, but since they stand out to be essential, it is better that they are given special focus and attention. Therefore, at KCShiksha, we emphasize that every student is trained in as many essential Life-skills they can.

  1. Preaching skills –
  2. Graphic designing skills designing a banner, poster, etc using various softwares
  3. Video editing skills – video editing using Shotcut/ other open source softwares
  4. Vehicle driving – Signboards, licensing, Insurance, Fuel records
  5. Basic accounting & record keeping skills – Accounting ledgers, Accounting vouchers, passing an entry, Inventory management, Banking
  6. Conflict handling & resolution – 
  7. Identifying & keeping away from Addictions Screen addiction, substance abuse, etc.
  8. Basic laws of the land & international law Civil & criminal law, justice systems, parliament,
  9. Public relations – Responsible communication, Krishna conscious gifting culture, Contact database
  10. Time Management – Dairy keeping, planning, executing
  11. Common Property Resource sharing and management – Maintaining temple properties, etc.
  12. Introduction to various Govt. departments – Postal dept, Bank, Police dept, Healthcare dept, Electricity dept, etc.