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KCShiksha offers a structured school system in a unique hybrid model of online & offline programs. Students also complete the compulsory 10th & 12th grade.

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After the Parent Orientation session, pay the annual fees and confirm the registration of your child at KCShiksha.



Compulsory subjects

The following subjects are compulsory at KCShiksha


Reading & Writing (Samskrta & English)

Reading, writing, reading, public speaking


Vedic mathemtatics for Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, profit & loss, ratios, measurements, etc


Bhagavad-gita, Srimad Bhagavatam, Mahabharata, Valimiki Ramayana, 

Life Skills

Soft-skills such as communication skills, time management, conflict resolution, planning, project management, Basic graphic designing skills, etc.

64 Arts

Gitam, Vadyam, Nrtyam, Alekhyam, Visheshaka-chedyam, etc

30 Qualities for Civilzed Human Beings

Just by acquiring these 30 qualities The Supreme Personality of Godhead becomes pleased and hence, in turn, we too become pleased.

Sambhashana Samskrta (Spoken Samskrta)

Samskrta Sambhashana using Samskrta Bharati materials

Cow Protection

Association and service of Gomata, Behaviour with cows, feeding, cleaning, caressing, Health care, Timeless stories of Gomata


Different types of soil, different types of seeds, seed storage, seed treatment, preparation of the soil, sowing, organic fertilizers, caring for the plants, insects predators and pests, organic agriculture, harvesting, post harvest storage, etc.

Extra Curricular Programs

KCShiksha Clubs

Role-Play Club

Role-play is a very important form of learning. In fact, the make-believe play never goes off in one way!

Sloka Chanters Club

Sloka recitation, games with slokas, teams for transcendental competition and much more!

Deity Worship Club

The enthusiasm in Deity worship lies in encouraging each other on how wonderfully they have decorated and served Krsna today! Krsna says – “sarvesam mad upasanam” – everyone must worship Me in the form of Deities. This club is all about this!

Goseva Club

Goseva or serving mother cow (cow, bull, calves) is what Krsna Himself did and eternally does so in Goloka Vrindavan! In His footsteps, this club will closely encourage each other!

Kirtan Club

Kali yuga’s most important prescribed dharma is to chant and spread chanting! Kirtan eans – sankirtan of chanting together. Krsna is there where sankirtana happens. This club is all about this!

Author's Club

Authors are made young! Writing for Krsna is most important engagement and of course pen can be mightier than the sword!




Kaumara sections: A, B, C

Age: 2.5 yrs to 6.5 yrs


Subjects Covered

Krsna-krida role-plays, free-play of Krsna, Story-telling, Kirtan, Classical Music, Mridanga, Kartaal lessons, Arts & Crafts, Vidyarambha, Shiksha (Phonetics), 30 Qualities

  • 1 Session / Day
  • 20 Session / Month

Holidays on: Sundays, 2 Ashtami tithis, 2 Caturdashi tithis, 1 Amavasya & 1 Purnima


(Billed annually)





Pauganda sections: A, B, C

Age: 6.5 yrs to 12 yrs

(Primary & Secondary: )

Subjects Covered

Kaumara+, Shiksha (Phonetics), Reading & writing Samskrta, Samskrta sambhashana, Samskrta Vyakarana, Maths, English basics, Recitation of stotras, Bg, SB, 64-Arts, Life-skills

  • 3 Sessions/ Day
  • 60 Sessions / Month

Holidays on: Sundays, 2 Ashtami tithis, 2 Caturdashi tithis, 1 Amavasya & 1 Purnima


(Billed annually)



Age: 12 yrs to 14 yrs


Subjects Covered

Pauganda+, NIOS subjects for 10th certification (Eng, Painting, Data Entry Op, Home Sc, Maths, Sc & Tech, Economics, Carnatic Music, Veda Adhyayan, Bharatiya Darshan, etc.

  • 4 Sessions/ Day
  • 80 Sessions / Month

Holidays on: Sundays, 2 Ashtami tithis, 2 Caturdashi tithis, 1 Amavasya & 1 Purnima


(Billed annually)



Age: 14 yrs to 16 yrs

(Sr.Secondary &  )

Subjects Covered

Kaisora+, NIOS subjects for 12th certification (Bengali, Maths, Physics, Chem, Bio, Geography, Political science, Economics, Military studies, Env science, Accountancy, Computer science, etc.

  • 4 Sessions/ Day
  • 80 Sessions / Month

Holidays on: Sundays, 2 Ashtami tithis, 2 Caturdashi tithis, 1 Amavasya & 1 Purnima


(Billed annually)


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