Frequently Asked Questions

Here, some of the Frequently Asked Questions are addressed. Read through and let us know if have any other question that you like to be addressed.

KCshiksha is platform for digital learning in a unique blesnded model (both online & offline). ‘KC’ stands for Krishna Consciousness and ‘Shiksha’ means imparting education.

We are open to tying up with teachers locally near you who can provide offline experience for our syllabus. The syllabus will be conveyed to them and KCshiksha shall offer them dakshina for providing those courses. Thus we ensure that your child gets offline experience along with online access to a variety of teachers.

Per batch the number of students will not exceed 15 for younger children and not more than 20 for elders. The scheduling, planning and mentoring will be done by our staff at KCshiksha to groom and carefully guide the students from one step to another.

Per session except exceptional situations, our policy is to limit the number of students to 20. For those in the Kaumara stage, it will be not more than 15 students per session.

Certification for each year will be provided by Centre for Traditional Education. For the 10th grade and 12th grade the certification will be through NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling).

Under NIOS scheme, eligibility for 10th grade examination is completion of age 14. At KCShiksha, we provide exclusive training from age 12 to 14 to children so that they can complete the 10th certification from NIOS with an examination centre near to your location.

The 12th grade examination can be given by a child completing age 15. From age 12 to 15, the preparation for 10th and 12th, will ensure that the child is geared up to complete 12th grade after completing age 15.

The timings for the KCShiksha Structured school are between 9:30AM to 1PM IST. Please note that the total number of hours depends on the particular batch. For example, for Kaumara it is 1 hour only. There will be exception in certain cases and situations which will be communicated much ahead.

To accommodate the international students (especially North America), we recommend that the parents make the children go through the recordings and practice as told. Also, the teachers will send short recordings to practice, while students also share their recordings of learning. Further, weekly LIVE interactions at mutually convenient time will be scheduled for each teacher for clarifications.

Since KCshiksha is online and the offline model is planned for your locality, the programs of KCShiksha can be accessed worldwide.

KCshiksha is an effor to Centre for Traditional Education which is working in teh field of education since 2013. Previous to KCShiksha, Krsna-krida playschool was being run but due to covid, they had to be stopped. We have now resumed our educational services with a new name and newer format to address the need of the worldwide community.

Yes, with the option of ‘Structured school’ in KCShiksha, a normal brick & mortar school can be replaced by KCShiksha.

Yes, with the option of ‘Structured school’ in KCShiksha, a normal brick & mortar school can be replaced by KCShiksha.

Homeschooling is a broad term used to denote alternative schooling systems, especially the one where a child does not attend a regular conventional brick & mortar school for 3 to 6 hours a day. Rather, homeschooling is to pick and choose the courses and the parents take the responsibility of the education of their child. KCShiksha is offering structured school and after-school programs to help and support homeschooling parents. It will your perfect partner when it comes to homeschooling needs. Check the webpages and interact with us for more details.

No pre-requisites or conditions as such. There is no need for a Transfer Certificate to join the KCShiksha structured school.

True. Your concern is well-placed. Screen time is to be highly monitored and controlled by parents. Especially for kids below age 5 it is more crucial. We strongly recommend that parents should be monitoring closely the access, the use, the duration and the purpose for use of screen. This discrimination and cautious supervision is utmost expected by the parents. We address this in details our Orientation Program for the parents.

Krsna consciousness is our primary focus in choosing the faculty. In some subjects where we need support from faculties , we do take their teaching support but ensure they are favourable to Krsna consciousness and Vaisnava culture.

At KCShiksha we evaluate in three ways:

1. Teacher-student evaluation

2. Student – parent/ gaurdian evaluation

3. Self evaluation

We will be pleasantly surprised that children do adopt to the online environment much faster than we think. They do strike relationships with the teachers as well as other students quickly. At KCShiksha, we have KCShiskha Clubs such as Kirtan clubs, Goseva club, Role-play clubs, etc to ensure that such relationships are struck. Please check out the page on Structured school.

At KCShiksha, apart from training & ensuring that they obtain 10th & 12th certification, we train students in various life-skills and arts. Most importantly Krsna consciousness training will ensure that they understand the goal and purpose of life. This will certainly make them confident and prepared to live life.

Yes, all the classes will be recorded. The students in the batch can watch the recorded videos and clarify doubts in the live sessions.

Since at KCShiksha we are not collecting any deposit, the policy is to collect the lakshmi upfront. We want to ensure complete commitment of the students for the whole course.