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KC Shiksha students all geared up for Damodar Month

by  | Oct 31, 2021 | 

All the kids are busy making Diyas from clay and flour and painting them with their own hands for the pleasure of Lord Damodar for the most auspicious month of Kartik . Kids are also making their small Yashoda Damodar cut outs so they can offer them lamps and prasad.

KCShiskha Daily!

Damodar Month at a glance

by  | November 17, 2021 | KCShiksha Daily

What a wonderful one month of spending all our time in pleasing Lord Damodar for He is the most merciful . Students at KC Shiksha learned so many different aspects of devotional service in the form of art , prayers , Deity dress making , painting and hosting Damodar puja at their homes on Zoom . The whole month is so glorious and performing activities for pleasure of Lord and remembering Him is the most special. We truly blessed with wonderful teachers and students who made all this learning so blissful .

KCShiskha Clubs!

Role play club

by  | Oct 19, 2021 | 

We at KC shiksha believe in all around development of our students .Each child is unique and Lord has given unique talents to every child. Thus this Role Play club is build up on the foundation of engaging kids who love Dramas and to enact the pastimes of the Lord . role play also helps kids to learn how to debate and also learn to express themselves better .Our teachers guide these kids but the whole show is put up by kids . Its a lot of fun too!!

Author’s Club

by  | Oct 19, 2021 | 

Writing is such an essential part of our Sampradaya . All the scriptures were written down so that the people can benefit from them for ages to come. Lord guides a devotee from within and reveals transcendental knowledge which is then written down and shared with others so that everyone can be benefitted . Thus here at KCShiksha we would like to encourage our kids to become future authors and spread the beautiful messages that Lord would like to reveal through them .
A lot goes into learning how to write so it would be acceptable and pleasing to Lord and Vaishnavas ..A lot of research and skills are  required when writing something that has weight. Our teachers are backed up with a lot of research and knowledge so that these special kids can learn to write for the pleasure of Vaishnavas.

Deity Worship Club

by  | Oct 19, 2021 | 

Lord manifests himself in His Deity form so that everyone can develop a personal relationship with Him and serve Him with love and devotion . Srila Prabhupada always stressed a lot on giving kids training in serving deities from an early age. Srila Prabhupada wanted that instead of toys and dolls our kids should learn to dress the Lord , cook for the Lord and even play the pastimes of Lord from the very beginning of their childhood. Thus keeping up with this spirit we want our Kids to learn deeply how they can serve the Lord in His deity form in a very eloquent way from the devotees who are thoroughly learned in Scriptures and Mantras .
They will learn how to make dresses , jewelries and  the right mood to serve the deities and also how they can see the Lord as their very own . The deities thus become their very life and soul.

Fine Art’s Club

by Sanchari Devi Dasi | Oct 20, 2021 | Fine Arts Club

Our Lord is master of all the 64 arts and to serve Him better we must also make our kids efficient in different kinds of Arts . keeping this in mind we at KC Shiksha have a lot of teachers who can teach kids Rangoli, crafts , paintings , warli Art, Madhubani painting , crochet , and many many more styles of Arts . Art can be very efficiently used in serving the Lord be it back drops for altar or flower decoartions for festivals or rangolis in front of chariots etc . Art brings out a lot of inner expressions from a child’s heart .Thus this club is for all those whose language of expression is Art .

Goseva Club

by Sanchari Devi Dasi | Oct 19, 2021 | Goseva Club

Om Sri Surabhyai Namah

Lord Krsna is known as Govinda and Gopala . He is the one who is the palak or maintainer of the cows . Thus if we really want to please Him we must serve them and protect the cows . Thus we at KC Shiksha are very very determined to teach our Kids how to take care of cows and serve them . to make Goseva a n integral part of their lives we would like to conduct many workshops and seminars on how we can help and protect cows . make products from cow dung and cow urine and also how we can keep the cows healthy and happy .
Gomata is our eternal mother by serving her we will definitely be able to please Our Lord Gopal. Lets encourage our Kids to love more and more our cows and protect them .

Sloka Chanting Club

by Sanchari Devi Dasi | Oct 31, 2021 | Sloka Chanting Club

Shruti and Smriti are most important aspects of vedic culture . in previous times the memories were so powerful that just by hearing once people would remember everything. This is the power of vedas when we chant Slokas in particular metres they sharpen our memories and help us develop pure consciousness not only that scientifically chanting mantras and slokas have also been proved to help us stay mentally and physically healthy .
Thus here at KC shiksha we make it our first priority to teach kids how to learn slokas and chant them as an everyday Sadhana .we teach them Bhagvad GIta , Vishnusahasranam and Srimad Bhagwadam slokas and this group is for all those enthusiasts who would like to excel more in this field .

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