Hare Krsna, Many Congratulations! Your entry has been successfully received!

In case you need any clarification, you may get in touch with, Mahabandhu Hari Dasa: +91 9707516108

Admission process will commence now. Here are few important points you should note:

    1.  Sit back and relax until we get back to you for a demo of the KCShiksha app
    2. Note for Kaumara Batch Parents: If your child has just completed four years and if you have not performed Vidyarambha samskara, kindly perform the samskara. You may take guidance from any Vaisnava.
    3. We will post you a Welcome Kit. However, there is a severe delay due to Covid lockdowns and hence this may take time to reach you.
    4. You will be sent an official invitation for the Inauguration session of KCShiksha scheduled to be held on June 15th 10:30 AM.
    5. The Academic year starts on June 15th. The regular classes will begin on June 17th.
    6. Please Note: Do arrange for a desk, chair, laptop or desktop or a level place for the smartphone to be placed and the child attends the sessions.