Our Vision

Our Vision is to holistically create a path for early revival of Krishna consiousness in every child until they chalk out a healthy and compatible livelihood option that is culturally and spiritually rich.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to care for each child as a unique individual and employ the Vedic tradition, curriculum and pedagogy in education through the culture of Srimad Bhagavatam and as shown by acharyas of the tradition, while ensuring each child obtains all the necessary life skills and certifications.

Our Parent Organization

Since 2013

Centre for Traditional Education is dedicated to bringing the Vedic educational concepts, methodology, pedagogy, and curriculum to the forefront of our lives as a solution to issues faced by the world today.

Our Team

Bharat Chandra Dasa

Managing Director & Instructor
B.E, MBA, M.A Sanskrit Acharya

Rasa Priya Devi Dasi

Principal & Instructor

Mahabandhu Hari Dasa

Marketing Director & Instructor PhD

Mataji Sanchari Devi Dasi

Media Coordinator

Vijay Gopinath Dasa

Operations Manager

Associated Faculty

Sri Paras Mehta

Sanskrit Instructor
M.A Sanskrit Acharya,
PhD Research Scholar

Sri Rohith Sharma

Sanskrit Instructor M.A Sanskrit Acharya

Sri Shivasharana

Sanskrit Instructor
M.A Sanskrit (gold medalist),
pursuing PhD

Sri Shuddha
Nitayananda Dasa

Vedic Recitation Instructor Studied Vedic recitation under Guru at Melukote

Sri Tushar

Sanskrit Instructor Sanskrit Acharya, Jyotishacharya, Ayurvedacharya

Sri Hari Dasa

NIOS Instructor MBA, MS

Sri Abhinandan Nitai Dasa

Vedic Maths & Sanskrit Instructor MBA, Certified SAP Consultant, Rank holder in Maths & Science Olympiad

Sri Chakrapani Dasa

Hisotry Instructor

Sri Dr Krishnachandra Dasa

Bhagavad-gita Instructor
Record holder in
Bhagavad-gita recitation

Sri Atmarama Dasa

Flute Instructor

Sri Prananatha Dasa

Yoga & Ayurveda Instructor PhD

Sri Jagadishwara Dasa

Financial Literacy Instructor

Sri Aniket

Hindustani Classical Instructor, Musical Instruments

Hemagopi Devi Dasi

Academics Instructor

Sri Abhiram Dasa

Agriculture & Cow protection Instructor
B.E ; Proprietor, Srisha Organics

Rasikapriti Devi Dasi

Arts & Crafts Instructor
B.Sc (I.T.), MSc

Sri Ashisha Vyas

Harmonium & Key Board Instructor Sangeet Vid, 20 yrs of teaching experience

Dr UjjvalaDevi Dasi

Consultant Paediatrician

Mataji Aarti Batra

Maths, Shastra Instructor
M.Sc, M.Ed

Mataji Sumohini Devi Dasi

Arts & Crafts Instructor
B Pharm, Pre-Gurukula Acharyaa

Mataji Sanchari Devi Dasi

English, Home Sc,
Economics & Geography Instructor
M.A (English), B.Ed, IELTS, TTC 1 & 2

Hema Gopika Dasi

Shastra Instructor
B Tech CSE (gold medalist)

Vrindavaneshvari Dasi

English, Science, Painting Instructor PG in Biotechnology, IIT Roorkee

Mataji Veena Upadhya

Bharatanatyam & Classical Carnatic Instructor
Bharatanatyam Vidwat,
M.A Carnatic Classical Vocal

Mataji Uma Devi Kunti

Values of Life Instructor
Bachelor of Computer Science, Master of Information Technology

Mataji Keerti

Maths Instructor, Arts Instructor
Dip E&C, B.A Sanskrit

Mataji Vidhi Desai

NIOS Instructor
M. A, B. Ed, E. C. C. Ed,
Diploma in French language

Mataji Benu Mehta

Maths Instructor
B.Sc. Hons.(Maths),

Mataji Rasapriya
Gopika Devi Dasi

Pre-primary & Primary Instructor B.Sc Nutrition and Dietetics with MBA in HR from Coimbatore

Mataji Sweta Lal

Governance and Law Instructor

Mataji Malini
Karuna Devi Dasi

Vishnu sahasranama & Shastra Instructor

Mataji Vinodini
Vrindavani Devi Dasi

Arts & Crafts, Pre-school Instructor
Diploma in Pre Primary Teacher Training Course, Diploma in E&C

Mataji Vidhya Lakhyani

Special Educator
BSc, Certified Special Educator

Sahana Desai

Sanskrit Sambhashana Instructor
B.A (Hons) Samskrt

Mataji Samarpita
Kalavati Devi Dasi

Primary Instructor

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